Personalized service and assistance throughout the buying and selling process.

Support throughout the procedural process until the conclusion of the deal for the acquisition of the new home.

Familiar with each property we have for sale, we always make the visit a  productive experience!


Our network includes:

Lawyer . Accounting. Financial Consulting (Credit and Insurance Solutions). Construction and Architecture 






ALGARVE SR  is completely focused on satisfying the needs of its customers.

We have a concierge service in order to meet the specific requests of our customers, providing an exclusive and personalized accompaniment throughout the buying and selling process.

We offer a set of complementary services in the pre & post sale, aiming to simplify and make more pleasant the experience of the acquisition of the property.

These complementary services will be provided in accordance with the needs and requirements of each client and are therefore subject to fees.


. Follow-up in obtaining Tax No.

. Legal support issues related to the acquisition of real estate

. Legal support Golden Visa and RNH (non-habitual residents)



 AFTER SALES                       


  • Medium-term rentals - winter lets (recently involved in the BBC programme "Getaway for Winter" in Algarve)
  • Long term rentals - rental

Remember, your property can achieve more than 5% return on investment, significantly more than a savings account.

Do not hesitate to contact us. We are waiting for you!




 LGARVE SR- Real Estate Mediation.

 Licensed by the Institute of Public Markets of Real Estate and Construction (IMPIC), for the development of the activity of Real Estate Mediation (Holder of the AMI LICENSE - 14201)

Associate Real Estate Agents of Portugal ASMIP nº 471




 Commercial Department / Office : Rua do Moinho, Edificio S. José Bloco A - Loja 8,  8500 Portimão

 T:00351 964073021

Customer service: Monday to Friday by appointment