The Buying Process

The Buying Process

Buying a house in Portugal doesn't have to be a complicated process - as long as you understand the rules! 


The deed of property is a fundamental element to successfully finalize the process of buying a dwelling. Find out more.

Buying a house follows a process composed of some steps that must be followed rigorously, in order to ensure that it does not precipitate and everything proceeds according to the law. First, it is necessary to choose the house, decide if it is the one, ask for the loan, evaluate the associated costs and finally exceeded all these steps, make the deed of property. It is about this last moment – real estate deed – that we will focus, indicating to you everything you need to know.


The deed of property corresponds to the final stage of conclusion of the contract. From this moment on, the buyer becomes the legal owner of the property. Find out what several steps make up this phase.

Payment of IMT (Municipal Property Transfer Tax): If you are not exempt from this tax, get information on how to pay it on the official finance website or in a financial office near you. Proof of settlement of the IMT must be presented at the time of the deed.

Acquisition and mortgage records:  The deeds of purchase and sale and loan with mortgage are celebrated in a Notary's Office or a Land Registry Office. Acquisition and mortgage records are required while reading the deed.

Purchase and sale and mortgage deed: The time of deed encompasses two moments. The first corresponds to the conclusion of the purchase and sale contract, through which the buyer becomes the owner of the property, and the loan agreement with mortgage in which everything related to housing credit is defined (the value, interest rate, repayment periods, amortizations, etc.). After the conclusion of this last contract, the bank releases the amount necessary to pay the property, to its former owner.


  • Civil identification documents and tax identification of the actors;
  • Certificate of content of all entries and descriptions in force;
  • Urban Building Booklet or application for registration of the property in the headquarters (IMI Model I), issued by the Tax and Customs Authority;
  • Use license (in the case of properties built after August 1951);
  • Housing Technical Data Sheet (if the use license was issued after 30.03.2004);
  • Infrastructure Certificate (if you have an Allotment Permit registered since 1992, without security and in the case of 1st transmission);
  • Energy Certificate and Indoor Air Quality in Buildings;
  • Proof of payment from IMT;
  • Proof of payment of Stamp Duty;
  • Statements of Exercise of the Right of Preference (if any);
  • Toponimic certificate (if any);
  • Declaration of the outstanding amounts of the loan for the purposes of settlement of the loan (if any);
  • Contract promise of purchase and sale of the property;
  • Liquidate IMI (Municipal Property Tax);


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We provide (download) a guide support document for buying a house in Portugal, however

we always advise you to consult the services of a lawyer or accountant.