The Buying Process

The Buying Process

As with all property purchases, there is a process that needs to be followed.

We have outlined below the current process.

We recommend you appoint a lawyer or accountant who is qualified in all areas of property purchase to assist you during this process.


When you purchase a property, always deal with a Government licensed agent. Agents must provide their license on their website and advertising. Our license number is AMI 14201. Being licensed means the agent has the required insurances and, for example, we belong to a professional association and are accountable for any activity undertaken.


When you visit the Algarve to find your new home, you will need to have the following information:

  • How you are going to pay for the property How much deposit you have (between 10-20% is usually required)
  • Whether you want to buy any of the furniture or fixtures and fittings
  • When you want to complete the purchase
  • Have you got a fiscal number (tax number)
  • Mortgages require information from your tax office - please check with the bank to find out what information is required

Once you have found your new home, make an offer for the property. We will help you with the negotiations between you and the owner and find a deal which works for both parties. At this stage it is possible to use a surveyor to check over the property.

The next step is to appoint a lawyer. We have several English-speaking lawyers we can recommend who will provide a professional service at an agreed rate. There are many lawyers to choose from in the Algarve and you are free to choose whoever you want to deal with. It is NOT a legal requirement to appoint a lawyer, but we would recommend you do so. The lawyer will ensure that the property is registered in the vendor's name and that the property is free of any charges and debts. They will also check that the correct planning permission has been granted and that a habitation licence is in place.


The property will not come off the market until the Promissory Contract is signed. This can often take a few weeks. The Promissory Contract is a preliminary contract drawn up to cover the purchase of property. A deposit (usually) between 10-20% is required at this stage. After the promissory contract is signed, if the owner decides they no longer want to sell the property you can either force them to sell through court, or they give you compensation equal to twice the amount of the deposit you paid. If you decide to pull out, then you may lose your deposit.


All the property documents will be provided to the Notary along with proof of payment of tax on the transfer The escritura is signed at the Notary's office on the day of completion, and the balance of the purchase price is transferred to the owner of the property at this time. Your lawyer will also deal with the final registration of the property into your name and the property is yours!


Calculate taxes when buying a House

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We provide (download) a guide support document for buying a house in Portugal, however

we always advise you to consult the services of a lawyer or accountant.