About us

About us

Buying and selling a house is one of the biggest transactions of your life.  At Algarve Sales and Rentals, every client is treated as an individual, assisted through the buying process, with explanations on how things work in Portugal and providing you with all the information you need as you follow the path through to the conclusion of the sale.

Each property is known in detail, so every visit made will be a productive experience for both seller and prospective purchaser.  Knowledge of the local area ensures that clients are provided with insight in terms of daily life, climate, amenities, seasonal activity – everything needed to help them make the right location choice.

Your requirements are documented before you start your house buying adventure – whether you are looking for somewhere as a family home, somewhere to use as a holiday house, or looking for a property as a longer term investment.

We have huge experience in the rental market

  • AL properties for vacations
  • Medium term winter lets (recently work includes the BBC1 programme “Getaway for Winter” in the Algarve
  • Long term rentals (over 12 months)

It is possible for your property to achieve over 5% Return on Investment – significantly more than a savings account.

Our network includes lawyers, accountants, mortgage brokers, builders and architects.

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